19Jul, 2009

Toronto Personal Trainer gets his Ass kicked by An Australian

I just interviewed Oakville’s #1 boot camp trainer Travis Jones. He trains everyone from fitness models to moms to big corporate execs. He definitely has some different and interesting information on how he gets his clients to rapidly lose fat.

You should check out what he has to say about his 14 day detox. Brilliant stuff!

After the interview he put me through a hell of a workout that had me whining like a wittle baby but I got through it. You gotta check out it and if you dare….TRY IT OUT.

Click below for the Australian fat loss workout that had me crying for my mommy…

After watching the workout I realized that my ass was too high on those pushups. Ah well. Next time!

I hope you enjoyed the interview. If you are in the Oakville/Burlington area and you want to see some major results send Travis an email and tell him I sent you! Here is his address again Www.Oz-Fit.com

Take care and remember to always keep improving,

Dan Go

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Comments on “Toronto Personal Trainer gets his Ass kicked by An Australian” (5)

  1. Whatsup Dan & Travis,

    That video was killer, Travis is no joke!

    Talk to you guys soon

  2. That was crazy guys!! Travis… is dat it? LOL. JK. That was awesome guys. Dan, you were sweating pretty good. When I seen you get down into KB burpees, I was like…HELL NO!! I know i’d be hurting too.

    Great job guys!! Travis and Dan are no joke!! Keep bringing sexy back guys!!


  3. Guys Travis is no freaking joke. The kettlebell matrixes were one of the hardest things I had to do yet and it sends your metabolism through the roof!

  4. You guys are crazy! I remember training for a few minutes with KB’s and I was crying…your a champ Dan.

  5. Good stuff guys. See how taking notes from my classes actually help haha (only kidding). I learnt somthing great today. Thanks..TJ your a legend mate!


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