30Jun, 2009

Toronto Personal Trainer Reveals His Rapid Fat Loss Workout

The workouts I put my members through have been called many things….but easy ain’t one of them.

I keep everyone moving and doing exercises without little or no rest.  This creates the best environment to fire up your metabolism so it keeps on burning fat for days on end.

I usually don’t do this but I wanted to share with you a workout program I use for my boot camps that is guaranteed to shed fat off of your body.  I also guarantee that this might be one of the hardest things to do in or out of a gym.

Use this workout and email me back to let me know how it went:

50/10 Circuit – 50 seconds of hard exercise followed by 10 seconds to get into the next exercise

–  Repeat for a total of 4 rounds through the circuit

–  Workout as intensely as possible

1.  Squat w/ Shoulder Press

2. Bent Over Back Rows

3. Lunge w/Bicep curl <—–Bicep curl done once you are down in a lunge position

4. Spider Climber <—-In pushup position bringing a single foot next to your hands.  Alternating legs.

5. Burpee’s

After all that is done you can do this interval training program on a treadmill, stationary bicycle or a stair climber:

1.  Start on cardio machine and Warm up for 5 minutes (Intensity Level 3/10)

2.  After warm up start an interval of two minutes at an Intensity level of 7-8/out

3.  After interval, slow down to a level of an Intensity level or 3-4/10

4.  Repeat intervals 3-5 more times

Once you are done get a big towel and wipe the damn sweat off of your body because that was one hell of a workout!

This is one of the hundreds of workouts I put my girls and corporate clients through in my boot camps.

If you are looking for results then you definitely have to take advantage of the free week trial I give to all first time members.

My workouts will literally burn the fat off of your body just in time for Labour day.

Try out the workout this week and give me a shout back to let me know how it went 🙂

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